Interactive Games

Top Shot Electronic Hockey Net

The electronic net is a full-size hockey net that offers three separate hockey challenges. Participants shoot pucks at the electronic net with the goal to shoot quickly, accurately and decisively at lit targets. The net can be placed into a gallery of simulated dasher boards with mesh netting that will give the appearance of a hockey rink or an inflatable structure. One or two-player game for all ages starting at about 5 years old through to adults.
The Top Shot Electronic Net also offers a number of different games to provide hours of excitement.  Face Off, Rapid Fire, and Tic-Tac-Toe are just some of the games to be had.


Mini Hockey Rink

In hallways, hotels, at arenas, and at hockey tournaments … kids love mini sticks.  The Top Shot Hockey Mini Rink Zone provides the arena for the ultimate mini stick showdowns. Two styles to choose from: a foam version which is held together by a series of Velcro strips and connects to a 1/2″ padded floor; OR an inflatable structure powered by a 1/2 hp Koala blower.  Played by two players who shoot a light foam ball with the goal of scoring on the opponents net.  This game is usually suited towards younger players, aging from 3-14.  Game duration can be determined by venue.


At Top Shot Hockey, we have been able to put a hockey twist on the game, while still maintaining the traditional Skee ball gameplay.  Targets of varying sizes are staggered around the goal, placed in the scoring zones of a goalie (top corners, under the glove/blocker, &  five hole).  Different targets present varying levels of difficulty, resulting in different point totals.  Whether playing with just one person, or two players competing head-to-head, Skee-Puck is fun for all ages.  Requires no power and fits into an 18 ft x 5 ft footprint, Skee-Puck provides no-hassle fun for any hockey event!


Stick-Handling Challenge 

Individual participants stick-handle a magnetic puck across a series of randomly lit sensors. The monitor will count down from 45 seconds, scoring one goal for each sensor that is turned off. The sensors, once initiated will randomly light up and will not turn off until the special magnetic ball makes contact with the sensor. Computer hardware, monitor, hockey sticks, ball, floor and game structure. Size can be determined by venue. Usually a 4 x 8 series of sensors is used but can be customized to each usage.


Slap Shot Radar                 

Think you can blast a slap shot like Zdeno Chara? Test your slap shot with the Slap Shot Radar … individual participants shoot at a net and target, while having the speed of their slap shot recorded and displayed.



An exciting version of hockey played with mini-sticks and a Gockey ball on a unique Gockey table. For two players, Gockey is a fun game well suited to challenging a friend in any number of recreation, camp, and tournament events



Box Hockey

Two players challenge each other to a stick-handling duel within the confines of the box hockey rink. Lots of fun and works well with developing hand and arm strength.



Bubble Hockey

Two players challenge each other to the classic Super Chexx hockey game. A fan favorite everywhere!



Shooter Tutor

Ideal for the younger hockey fan, simple and easy. Four corners and a fifth hole. Can be used with balls or pucks.


Goalie Challenge  

Participants will put on a goalie mask, stick and gloves and attempt to stop foam pucks shot at them by an operator. The challenge will be to stop as many pucks in a specific time.


Soccer Shooter Tutor

Ideal for soccer fans looking to show their shooting accuracy.  Complete with shooting gallery and field turf, to provide a game like soccer atmosphere. This game also has the option of an added radar to test accuracy and shot speed.

Shut Out Virtual Goalie   HHOF logo              

One-player game where the participant stands in a studio like structure with their image on a monitor. Virtual shooters will attempt to score as the participant tries to stop as many pucks as possible. Includes one game case that holds the monitor, computer hardware and camera. The structure consists of two side walls and a back wall of special chroma-key green backdrop to enhance the participant’s image on the screen. Lighting may be required depending on the location.

You Make the Call   HHOF logo                  

Everyone knows the iconic goal call from the 1972 Summit Series.  It’s your turn with Top Shot Hockey’s You Make The Call. Individual participants choose from a variety of hockey games and listen to a short segment of “play-by-play” on a monitor. Once they have heard the commentary the participant records their voice with the game segment they have chosen. A portable sound booth will be set up with monitor, computer hardware, microphone and viewing station. The booth measures approximately 6’ by 6’.





HHOF logo* – Denotes Hockey Hall of Fame licensed game

Photo Booth/Opportunity

Hockey fans can have a chance to don their favorite team’s sweater and have it immortalized with a picture. Custom backdrops are available.They can also stand behind a cutout of them hoisting the Stanley Cup. Fans can take their own pictures or Top Shot can provide photographer. *

*Additional charges for photography option


Synthetic Ice

We can provide synthetic ice for a public skating opportunity or a three-on-three tournament. 40 x 60 surface is available with a variety of border choices from dasher boards, backyard rink or snow bank. Rental skates available.



Street Hockey Zone

We can provide the complete street hockey experience with inflatable boards, hockey nets, and Sport Court flooring. “Caaaaar!” … not anymore with the Top Shot Hockey Street Hockey Zone. This 40 ft x 60 ft inflatable structure, with back walls, will make your next street hockey promotion or neighbourhood pick-up game something special. This complete experience is great for one day or weekend events. Easy, quick set up and takedown.


Public Address System

Do you have an event that requires you to be heard, we can help with that. We will set up and run custom PA systems based on your specific needs Exposition/Trade Show Booths Do you have a booth that you want to be pushed over the top? Well a custom sound system can do that.


Sound FX Design 

If you are interested in a custom designed sound track or effects for an event or project we can assist you. Nature sounds to slapshots to buzzers we can do it all. Need a sound, but just can’t find it anywhere? We can custom design sound effects. From sports sounds, to footsteps and everything in-between we can create an amazing sound FX library for all your needs. Ask about our “hockey sounds” soundtrack, a great edition to any hockey event. Click below for a sample.


Artist David Arrigo

If you want one of the most unique experiences at your next event try this experience. Accomplished and well-known artist David Arrigo will paint a collage of your choice during the event and your fans or customers can see the canvas come alive before their very eyes. One of the most renowned artists in the sports world, Mr. Arrigo’s paintings can be seen all around hockey. From murals for Stanley Cup Champions like the Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks, and Detroit Red Wings to goalie masks and helmets for some of todays hottest goaltenders … David Arrigo is certain to bring a unique element to your event.



“Hockey Talk” with the Keeper of the Cup

Top Shot Hockey, with our exclusive and unique relationship with the Hockey Hall of Fame, is pleased to offer a series of Hockey Talk/Hot Stove style events. Appearances by Phil Pritchard, the famous “Keeper of the Cup”, and special guests from the many Honoured Members of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Listen to stories about the Stanley Cup’s travels with the “Travels with Stanley” presentation, from the man who has spent more time with the Stanley Cup than anyone else and has seen it all. Complete with a slide show of celebrations and hockey stars past and present.

NHL Alumni Appearances

Top Shot Hockey works with the NHL Alumni Association and the Hockey Hall of Fame to bring legends from hockey’s past to your next event. Whether it be a fundraiser, FanFest, or tournament an appearance by NHL Alumni always brings an added buzz.